You can get your driver’s license back with bankruptcy the same day .

If your license has been suspended, there are ways a bankruptcy can get it cleared again – immediately! It just depends on the reason it was taken away.

License Suspended Because of an Accident

If you were in an accident and you didn’t have insurance, your license may have been suspended.  This is called a “safety suspension”.  Your state can keep your license until you pay whatever you owe for the damage you caused in the accident.  A bankruptcy, however, can get rid of what you owe for the accident.  It can thereby also clear the suspension on your license.  If your driver’s license is being held because of a  “safety suspension” we can get your license back the same day we file your case .

One exception to this is if you were accused of DUI during your accident.  Still, we have helped many clients successfully get a bankruptcy even in cases where they were suspected of drunk driving.

License Suspended Due to Toll Violations and Parking Tickets

Illinois and other states can suspend your driver’s license if you owe money for toll violations or tickets. If your license has been taken due to this type of suspension, a bankruptcy can help get it back. It will not eliminate these fines completely, but it will force the state to accept repayments on the debts, which can be as little as $100 per month. In the meantime, you can get your license back immediately.  Contact the Sexner Law Group to find out how to get your driver’s license back today !